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UPDATE! [02 Mar 2010|01:11pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

update time?

*still working at coventry healthcare.  i work with the nurses doing medical reviews on appeals.  it's really boring but i get to work from home which is amazing,
*been married for a year and a few months.  love it.
*taking classes at CCBC right now. hopefully transfering to Penn State Erie to do my clinicals for nursing, 
*i have 1 dog and 3 cats again.
*still got all those tattoos...lol.
*joe and i are moving to erie in the summer.
*i do hair every now and then still.
*joe is working at ruthless tattoo in ellwood city.  hopefully working at ink assassins after we move.

update complete.
i've been updating my blogger more recently than this:



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wow its been awhile [30 Sep 2008|07:08pm]
[ mood | awake ]

okay so i have some updates cause it's been like 2 YEARS!!!!

*i work at coventy healthcare as a pharmacy liasion for the state of Georgia.
*I am getting married in vegas on 10/13/08 to joe.
*i am starting nursing school next year.
*i have 1 dog and 3 (soon to be 2) cats.
*i have a million tattoos, my ears streached to 3/4, my septum and my monroe pierced.
*i am currently going to school for medical coding and billing.
*i do hair on the side out of my basement.
*my life is really lame...
*joe works at studio 42 as a tattooist.
*we plan on moving in 4-5 years to Erie.

that's all i can think of right now!
does anyone read this anymore??!?!


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still alive [08 Apr 2006|12:29am]
[ mood | loved ]

been awhile since i did this thing.


+i graduated beauty school. hell, i liked doing hair so much that i went back to school so i could be a teacher of cosmetology! finished that up in february. in the process of getting my lincese.

+ still at eckerd. yeah, this is year number 5. got another pharmacy job but i quit it after 3 weeks because it wasn't as fun.

+ moved from aliquippa to cranberry with my mom and step-dad. then lived there for 6 months. living with joe now in center.

+got a dog with joe: his name is frankenstein. he is a beagle. he is horrible but i guess i kinda have to love him anyways.

+joe ad i have been together a year and 1/2 now. vegas plans are in the works ;-).

more updates when i have time.

die pretty

[13 Jul 2005|11:00am]
[ mood | busy ]


-graduated beauty school.
-moved from aliquippa to economy.
-get monroe pierced, then it got infected so it had to close up.
-going with cortlyn to get my monroe re-pierced.
-got hair chopped off.
-going back to school in september.
-going to new york city for class next summer to become a color specalist.
-got a dog with joe.

there are a whole bunch of other things that are new, but i have to work. big suprise.

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i've changed. [19 May 2005|01:38am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

this is scary.

me last year


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[16 May 2005|12:56pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

i've never been a fan or star wars at all.


but from recent pounding-in-my-head-star-wars-non-stop-images from the lovely boyfriend....

and the fucking sheer hot-ness of Hayden Christensen......

i am going to see episode III.


ps-life is hectic as usual- sorry i havent been on much lately.
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[28 Apr 2005|12:50am]


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[27 Apr 2005|04:22pm]


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for my boo. [17 Mar 2005|10:27pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Find the guy who calls you "beautiful" instead of "hot".
Who calls you back when you hang up on him.
Who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat,
or will stay awake just to watch you sleep...
wait for the boy who pursues you,
who kisses your forehead,
who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats.
Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Who thinks you're the prettiest when you have no make up on
and insists on holding you around the waist.
The one who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares
and how blessed he is to have you...
The one who turns to his friends and says... that's her."

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[06 Mar 2005|04:11am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

You are

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[22 Feb 2005|10:01pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

hey kids. not too much has been going on.
we started the color chapter in school today. i am beyond excited. i wanna do color and cuts forever and never touch a perm rod ever again. the drama there is UNBELIEVABLE! i cannot wait to get out. i should be getting out early-middle june.

joe's luck seemed to be getting better as-of late. then he hit a telephone pole...
so after paying $284.00 to fix his brakes, he's going to wait to do the bodywork on the car. his headlight is pointed to the side and thanks to it being all fucked up, he missed hitting a puppy. so guess something good came from it.

i cut my hair all off. well not all of it, but 6". i'm really happy with it. i'll take picture someday when i find some batteries.

i'm gonna go knock myself out now so i can sleep.

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[18 Feb 2005|01:09am]

i cannot wait to fucking move out of my house.

that is it.


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[16 Feb 2005|02:28pm]
[ mood | full ]

let me update:

things have been going good.

on valentine's day, joe got me a ring

and i got him 1. a distortion peddle, 2. an elvis cd, 3. some awesome shades 4. and some gummy tranchulas. we then went to bravos to eat dinner. they lost our reservations and i FREAKED OUT. so they were going to compensate with a free appitizer. i told them it wasn't good enough and we both got a free apitizer and free drinks. so i was pleased. then we went and watched sky captain and the world of tomorrow at his place. it was really nice. and i'm happy.

school has been good. same old shit. rumors rock. not only do i apperantly smoke pot with my friend in the parking lot, i snort coke and i'm a raging alcholic. i was DYING when i heard that people don't have anything else to do with their time then make rumors up about me.

work has been alright. i feel like i do too much there without much respect. so i might be looking for another job soon. who knows. it's eckerd. they own my soul.

i wanna do the trimspa diet. i saw a commerical today and it really got me motivated to be hot. so i might, who knows.

i'm off to get ready for work!

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[03 Feb 2005|01:12am]

things are well. eckerd and bfba are killing me slowly. let's hear a big cheer for no days off EVER. (whoo).

buck's muffler is almost off. that could be a bad situation. i should definatly look into getting that fixed.

saw the grudge. it was really hard to follow (but what isn't with me), but i guess it was okay. not scary, but it's one of those movies that kinda stick with you, like when you're home, in your dark room and about to go to bed with no sound but the house settling around you (which i am expericing right now).

i have gotten dumber since i got out of high school. i have realised this more and more every day.

joe got a new job at papa johns. i love free pizza.

i swear, i'll do a picture update someday. no time and no fuel for the camera.


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r.i.p. superbowl hope. [24 Jan 2005|08:07am]


i cried. yes i got so into it i cried. alot. and my car is not working because it's fucking freezing outside.


let me say:

thank you steelers for a great season. i had hope that we were going all the way but this is as far as we got. and i'm proud of you guys.

thank you big ben for all that you did. you were an AWESOME quarterback and did alot this season that alot of quarterbacks didn't get the oppertunity to. even though you kinda choked under the pressure the past 2 games, i understand and i cannot wait til next season when you play better and absolutly kill the patriots.

bettis, you were magnificent as always. i really hope you don't retire but if you have to, i understand. pittsburgh will never be the same without you and you will be missed.

plexico, fuck you if you wanna leave pittsburgh.

i absolutly am a die-hard steelers fan and i am SO happy we made it as far as we did. and maybe someday before i die i'll see my steel curtain defense in the superbowl and we'll ACTUALLY WIN!

i dont like the patriots. and i wanna kick tom brady's ass.

die pretty

update. [16 Jan 2005|06:20pm]
[ mood | awake ]


i am officially moving as-of august 2005 to shadyside. i am so excited. me and rizzy are gonna get an apartment around campus. she's going to some all-girl's school that starts with a "c". this has been a long-time comming but it couldn't come at a better time in my life. i'll be out of beauty school with enough money to support myself. awesome.

i think i'm taking my drug technician test in march so i can be 100% certified and GET A RAISE!

i figured out my graduation date and i should be out of school by the middle of june. i'm going to try to get out as soon as i can. i mean, i like it there alot but it's alot of the same thing over and over again. ~oh well~.

me and joe are doing absolutly fantastic. i couldn't be any happier in that aspect.

there are NO GOOD SHOWS comming around here....ever. i really wanna go to one but i have no options.

i think i'm gonna cut and dye my hair soon. i haven't decided. i REALLY like the black but i kinda miss the blonde. so i might do blonde with black highlights. who knows, it's not like i NEVER do hair.

saturday might be the day i get my new tat. me and dawn are gonna go up to see johnny and he can make my ankle pretty. i wanna hurry up and get it before he moves. and it's taking joe FOREVER and a day to get all his equipment so i'm gonna pay for my tat.

i really like this link alot:

okay, nap time, i'm beat from working.

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rant [17 Nov 2004|10:44pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

maybe it's just the cold weather or too much sleep today, but i'm in a real shit mood. so let me vent about everything that i've been thinking of:

i have noticed lately i have been overly-frustrated with everyone. it's like i'm being more of a bitch than usual. no clue why. people in general have been getting on my last nerve and twirking it for all it's worth. i mean i'll be cool then someone will say something stupid and i'll go off in my head going "GOOD GOD YOU FUCKING RETARD! YOU'RE SOOOOOOOOOO STUPID!"... for no reason. ah.

i thought of the jason-ashley saga the other day. frankly, i'm glad we broke up once and for all. don't get me wrong, i love that kid with all my heart, but we needed to not be together anymore. like he said in one of his posts a hella-long time ago, we just leeched on to each other because we were insecure and we found security in each other's familiarity. but yeah we don't really even talk anymore which is okay i guess. he's living his life and i'm living mine. but a phonecall every once and awhile won't hurt either.

now in happier news, me and joe are awesome. i feel like once i say this, the relationship will go downhill, but i really like him alot. (it always seems when i'm the happiest in a relationship, it fucks itself over). the best thing about it is that we're taking it day-by-day and not planning ahead (which i tend to do ALOT). i mean, yeah i'd like to stay with him awhile but i'm trying not to plan a wedding just yet (if you know how i am, this makes PERFECT sense). the only bad thing about "us" is patti (aka, my mom) HATES him. and she doesn't even have a good reason. it's because he doesn't make alot of money and he's from the projects. you must understand my mom's really snobby and wants me to date someone that has alot of money and that takes me out all the time and pays for everything. i'm sure joe would take me anywhere i wanted to go... if he could afford it. it's just really frustrating that i can't tell her about him. i mentioned him one night and i swear to god i thought she was going to throw me out of the house. if she only knew how cool he was......

eckerd's finally giving me more respect and more responsibilty (ONLY AFTER WORKING THERE 3 YEARS!). i never really have to do register anymore and i help the pharmicist's out alot more now because i try to learn more about the computer system everyday. and one of the manager's are being a jerk because i HATE HATE HATE dress code and they're making me wear it. it's horrid. and i hate it.

i skipped school today because i wasn't feeling it. i'm really worn out and i have to do everything. examples:

i have to go to school to get my career in order.
i have to go to work to make money to have a career after school.
i have to call/hang out with joe to maintain a realtionship with him.
i have to call/hang out with my friends because i dont want them thinking im hating on them because i have a boyfriend.
i have to put atleast $30.00 in gas in my car a week to get to school alone.
i have to study and practice my techniques when i get home so i can become a better cosmotoligist.
i have to at some point of the day have a social life.
i have to work my ass off to make money so i can get out of debt.
i have to go to school almost 6 days a week.

okay i'm done bitching.

die pretty

[17 Nov 2004|01:27am]
[ mood | loved ]

things are great right now.

*school is alot of fun. miss chica megan is dropping out which sucks.
*me and joe are fab-tab-olous.
*rizzy's comming home for thanksgiving.
*silas only called me twice today.
*i'm not going to lose my liscense.
*i'm working A-L-O-T so i can start paying off more of my debt and saving up for my place i'm going to get ~some day~.

more later.

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[13 Nov 2004|01:36am]



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[03 Nov 2004|11:56pm]
[ mood | awake ]

things are going pretty well.

i got my first tattoo. i love it. so to my subkultures page if you wanna see it because i'm too lazy to upload it on here. it didn't hurt bad so i'm real pumped to get my second one something later this month. :-). i'll write about it more when i'm not dead tired.

i absolutly positivly love beauty school. yeah sure i have those moody days here and there, but overall, i know this is something i love doing. i love all my friends there. they are alot of fun to be around and they make the day go faster.

i think i'm getting dumber. :-/. i can't spell, do any english and forget math....

i stopped smoking as much. this is good i guess.

on the badside, joe's having a rough time right now (aka, he's practically living out of his car now because he got kicked out of his house). so he's in the process of finding a new place as soon as the government stops being such dicks and realise that there's a person who's in need of a house. >:-0. other than that, we're real good. it's just kinda rough us working so much (we both got mad bills to pay) but on the days off when we get to see each other, it rocks my world.

goddammit, bush won >:-0.

so how about i need to get more active and take a step into my future career?
*lancome said i have an interview
*este lauter said i have an interview
*cinnabar (a hair place in quip) wants me to stop down for a job.

this leaves one important question:

anyways kids, have a good night.

die pretty

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